About the owner

Kareem Khamis , chairman of an interior design & Construction Offices.

Founder of Eamar Kareem, Homek and Notsh in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dubai and Turkey. He has been working in the field of interior design, decoration and implementation since 2010.
He has enough experience to lead an entire team whose goal is to get the best results.

Kareem Khamis

He supervises projects periodically and does not leave anything to chance, chooses what suits each client of fabrics, materials, lighting, accessories, decorative pieces, curtains and carpets with care and accuracy according to the customer’s requirements and budget.



With Eamar kareem, you will find your own distinctive design that was made just for you. We are the originality of our Arab heritage and European inspiration. With Eamar kareem, you will find experts in interior, exterior, commercial and residential designs for more than 12 years.
One of the offices of interior design, decoration and implementation in Egypt for its owner Kareem Khamis
After the success of our office in Saudi Arabia, the Egypt office was opened.
A production line for wooden crafts of all kinds from Kareem Khamis Group was established to serve our offices for interior design, decoration and implementation in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dubai and Turkey.

Kareem Khamis

Kareem Khamis has implemented many internal and external commercial and residential projects from 2010 until now.

He works hard to delight his customers, carefully selects every detail, has a complete team with experience and high efficiency always ready for you.

What I Do



Exterior Designs

Specialized in designing and implementing the finest exterior decorations in a modern and classic style.​


Interior Designs

Specializing in the design of interior decoration and finishing works by exploiting all spaces.



We carefully select the finest materials in finishes and design the finest pieces of furniture.

Most Recent


Under the leadership of Engineer Kareem Khamis, the client’s objectives are determined and applied to drawings that can be implemented with a study of spaces and budgets, and under his supervision, the implementation is carried out with the finest materials and the most accurate methods.

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